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Technology Gives, And Technology Takes Away

People involved in the insurance industry surely have many examples of headaches caused by technology. Just recall the initial launch of the Affordable Healthcare Act website,, in October 2013: it was fraught with the errors and it was an embarrassment for the Obama administration.

Now, more than two years later, there are still problems.

Thousands of people trying to meet the Dec. 15 deadline for coverage that would start with the new year overwhelmed The New York Times reported that because of “unprecedented demand” the website had “record traffic” of 178,000 people using the site at 2:30 p.m. on the day before the deadline, Dec. 14.

Instead of online signups, clients were asked to leave their names and numbers so that representatives would be able to contact them later. This decidedly old-school, stop-gap solution proves the continued need for customer service in the technological world.

Technology can be great, but, without customer service, it can lead to chaos. Technology giants like Zenefits may work well with economies of scale, but they do not have the personal interaction of traditional brokers.

HR Studio is a platform that provides an exceptional and trustworthy technological solution and also allows companies to keep their relationship with traditional brokers.

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