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Teamwork – The Ant Story

No matter how small the ants are, these tiny insects represent a big example of cooperation and working together. Each ant makes a remarkable difference, they are devoted to their colony and if one is missing, it creates a chaos in the whole system. Their devotion to each other is surprisingly breathtaking. In case they suddenly encounter an obstacle along their trail, the ants immediately start working together to overcome it, e.g. when the ants find out that their way home is blocked, they don’t give up until they get home. Defeat is not an option for them. The army of ants joins forces to build a bridge from their own bodies to fill in the gap between two leaves and the rest can easily walk over their bodies to get to the other side. Such a teamwork is amazing and it mainly stands on two things;

1. Communication
2. Specialization

Each ant is good at something and by having a colony of ants which possesses various skills, tasks can be accomplished quickly when everybody focuses on its own role. Their communication talent must be also excellent so each ant knows what to do. It is simple and it works.

If your team works as the ants, you will achieve almost impossible goals. Worklio is here to help you maintain good communication flow and split the tasks among people who are currently at work and able to finish the assigned issues. Always remember Margaret Carty’s words:

“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.”

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