The Importance of Time Management

September 18, 2015
Time management is the skill to effectively control and plan your time to accomplish particular tasks in your working day. You should use your time efficiently to ensure that you work on the things that matter. One of our great features is the attendance overview which lets you keep track of attendance including hours worked, breaks, overtime and much more.

Who Works the Longest Hours?

September 19, 2015
Whether you work in Europe or Africa, at home or in the office, during the day or at night, the attendance board in the HR Studio platform shows you the current total work time as well as break time. You can easily let the others know you are working or that you are out to lunch or at some meeting and they will not reach you at your desk at that particular moment as well as you can see which of your colleagues are in the office.

Attendance – A Key to Success

September 25, 2015
HR Studio lets you manage your attendance easily. It allows you to quickly track the attendance of all employees in a simple and convenient way. Whether you come to work in the morning or you stay in your bed and work from home, you just hit the ‘START WORK’ button and the system begins to track your attendance, as simple as ABC.

Get Ready for the Holiday Season

September 28, 2015
The holiday season – everyone loves being on a break once in a while or enjoys a day off, for example, on Independence Day. There are a few days around the year that allow you to spend them with your family or your friends or just by yourself. Generally speaking, there aren’t any national holidays in the United States.

Online Sick Leave System

September 29, 2015
The sick pay is time that an employee takes off from work for which he or she is paid. Each company has its own paid sick policy, e.g. the number of sick days is usually accrued based on the years an employee has worked for the particular company or sometimes based on the level of his or her position, and other companies keep it more straightforward - every employee gets the same number of sick days no matter how long he or she has been working for the company, and some companies even put the sick days, the vacation days, and the personal days into one basket.

You’ve Got Mail - One Message Received

October 13, 2015
Back in the 1990’s, one of the greatest benefits of the internet was the rise of electronic email. The approximate number of worldwide email accounts in 2013 was 3.9 billion. The number is increasing each year. The average annual growth rate is now 6%. Email service remains the foundation of communication in the business world. It is an easy and convenient method to contact people and inform everybody about upcoming events. It makes the work flow smoother.

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