The Bulletin Board Makes Everything Better

September 23, 2015
The so called bulletin board is an important communication tool in your working environment which enables any user to post a message about his or her absence that can be read by a supervisor or any other colleague, to share information among people, upload or download files, etc.

Who Works the Longest Hours?

September 19, 2015
Whether you work in Europe or Africa, at home or in the office, during the day or at night, the attendance board in the HR Studio platform shows you the current total work time as well as break time. You can easily let the others know you are working or that you are out to lunch or at some meeting and they will not reach you at your desk at that particular moment as well as you can see which of your colleagues are in the office.

The Importance of Time Management

September 18, 2015
Time management is the skill to effectively control and plan your time to accomplish particular tasks in your working day. You should use your time efficiently to ensure that you work on the things that matter. One of our great features is the attendance overview which lets you keep track of attendance including hours worked, breaks, overtime and much more.

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