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Online Sick Leave System

The sick pay is time that an employee takes off from work for which he or she is paid.

Each company has its own paid sick policy, e.g. the number of sick days is usually accrued based on the years an employee has worked for the particular company or sometimes based on the level of his or her position, and other companies keep it more straightforward - every employee gets the same number of sick days no matter how long he or she has been working for the company, and some companies even put the sick days, the vacation days, and the personal days into one basket.

There isn’t a federal law in the United States which strictly instructs employers to offer sick leave as a benefit. If you are lucky and the company you work for gives you the paid sick days, you can find a suitable time off overview in your HR Studio interface which counts your days off under the ‘Attendance’ tab > ‘My Time Off’.

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