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You’ve Got Mail - One Message Received

Back in the 1990’s, one of the greatest benefits of the internet was the rise of electronic email. The approximate number of worldwide email accounts in 2013 was 3.9 billion. The number is increasing each year. The average annual growth rate is now 6%.

Email service remains the foundation of communication in the business world. It is an easy and convenient method to contact people and inform everybody about upcoming events. It makes the work flow smoother.

HR Studio shows you the complete list of your colleagues’ email contacts in ‘Company’ tab > ‘Organization Chart’, and you can move your mouse over the profile of the colleague whom you want to contact and copy the email address.

Our team has also tried to make your time-off request process as easy as possible by providing a simple process for approval via email. Your supervisor will receive the designated time-off request by email through a special link, then consider your request. You will receive approval (or denial) by email.

Each week you also get the time off overview; in other words, you get a list of your time of requests and also the requests of your colleagues for the upcoming weeks. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Lastly, you can enjoy the monthly attendance summary report in a nice colorful table or simply click on the Attendance Report button for detailed information about your attendance, which will be displayed in the HR Studio interface.

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