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Attendance – A Key to Success

HR Studio lets you manage your attendance easily. It allows you to quickly track the attendance of all employees in a simple and convenient way.

Whether you come to work in the morning or you stay in your bed and work from home, you just hit the ‘START WORK’ button and the system begins to track your attendance, as simple as ABC.

Do you want to take a break, go for lunch or just wander around for a little bit? Press the ‘START BREAK’ button and enjoy your pause.

After you come back, do not forget to click on ‘END BREAK’ and you are in the process again.

If you need to attend a meeting and you will not be at your desk for a while, the ‘GO OFF-SITE’ button is right for you. It informs your colleagues that you are away and they do not have to waste time looking for you.

The last red button is used when you finish at work; a successful conclusion of your working day represents the ‘LEAVE WORK’ button.

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