PEOs: Pros and Cons & Everything You Wanted to Know

March 30, 2016
You have a great idea. You start a small company to make the idea a reality. It’s working. You’ve attracted investors so you have raised some capital. You’ve hired a few people so you’re moving forward. You can see the prize right there, right in front of you. Now comes the hard part: onboarding new employees; payroll; human resources; in-house paperwork; notarized contracts; legal documents; liability; establishment of company policies; detailing rules; calculating paid time off; and all of the other basic steps of business operation. Every moment spent on mundane back office work, is another moment kept from realizing your business dream.

Technology Gives, And Technology Takes Away

December 15, 2015
People involved in the insurance industry surely have many examples of headaches caused by technology. Just recall the initial launch of the Affordable Healthcare Act website,, in October 2013: it was fraught with the errors and it was an embarrassment for the Obama administration. Now, more than two years later, there are still problems. Thousands of people trying to meet the Dec. 15 deadline for coverage that would start with the new year overwhelmed The New York Times reported that because of “unprecedented demand” the website had “record traffic” of 178,000 people using the site at 2:30 p.m. on the day before the deadline, Dec. 14.

10 Steps To Fight The Encroaching Zenefits Business Threat

November 25, 2015
Zenefits, the technology behemoth from San Francisco, has developed a business strategy that is casting a dark shadow over the insurance broker business throughout the United States. In a nut shell, it is providing administration software in return for the rights to become the Agent or Broker of Record. If you do not have a strategy to keep your clients, then your revenue – especially from small to mid-sized companies -- may be gone within the next two to three years. It is getting darker, but the light is not gone yet. Here are some ways to fight Zenefits:

Times are Changing

October 23, 2015
Pagers and fax machines are long gone. Email has surpassed mail and even the telephone. The Internet has even prompted Playboy magazine to put the clothes back on. Insurance brokers are the latest target. Giant technology companies like Zenefits are redefining the insurance business by providing administration software in return for the rights to become the Agent or Broker of Record.

You’ve Got Mail - One Message Received

October 13, 2015
Back in the 1990’s, one of the greatest benefits of the internet was the rise of electronic email. The approximate number of worldwide email accounts in 2013 was 3.9 billion. The number is increasing each year. The average annual growth rate is now 6%. Email service remains the foundation of communication in the business world. It is an easy and convenient method to contact people and inform everybody about upcoming events. It makes the work flow smoother.

Teamwork – The Ant Story

September 30, 2015
No matter how small the ants are, these tiny insects represent a big example of cooperation and working together. Each ant makes a remarkable difference, they are devoted to their colony and if one is missing, it creates a chaos in the whole system. Their devotion to each other is surprisingly breathtaking. In case they suddenly encounter an obstacle along their trail, the ants immediately start working together to overcome it, e.g. when the ants find out that their way home is blocked, they don’t give up until they get home.

Online Sick Leave System

September 29, 2015
The sick pay is time that an employee takes off from work for which he or she is paid. Each company has its own paid sick policy, e.g. the number of sick days is usually accrued based on the years an employee has worked for the particular company or sometimes based on the level of his or her position, and other companies keep it more straightforward - every employee gets the same number of sick days no matter how long he or she has been working for the company, and some companies even put the sick days, the vacation days, and the personal days into one basket.

Get Ready for the Holiday Season

September 28, 2015
The holiday season – everyone loves being on a break once in a while or enjoys a day off, for example, on Independence Day. There are a few days around the year that allow you to spend them with your family or your friends or just by yourself. Generally speaking, there aren’t any national holidays in the United States.

Attendance – A Key to Success

September 25, 2015
HR Studio lets you manage your attendance easily. It allows you to quickly track the attendance of all employees in a simple and convenient way. Whether you come to work in the morning or you stay in your bed and work from home, you just hit the ‘START WORK’ button and the system begins to track your attendance, as simple as ABC.

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