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Medical Plan Comparisons

Benefits Administration

Paperless & effortless

  • Compare plans and receive instant quotes
  • Review, add, and remove coverage for employees
  • Offer employees self enroll access
  • Set up a life and disability carrier information
  • View and manage all benefits in one platform
  • Digital document storage and e-signatures

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Dashboard Example

Paperless Hiring

Keeping it simple

Make hiring and training new employees more efficient and cost effective with an online paperless system.

  • Send offer agreements as digital documents, then track their progress
  • Provide new employees with online tools to complete the hiring process
  • Collect and store hiring agreements online automatically
  • Be an environmental champion by eliminating paper, while cutting costs
  • Enhance your business branding with efficient, innovative technology

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Better manage time off,

So you can better manage your people.

Accurate time off tracking makes everyone happy. Especially when its done for you!

Customized Paid Time Off Policy

Create and manage a clear, customized Paid Time Off Policy

Request Time Off

Enable employees to request time off and view accruals and balances with the self-serve feature

Approve Time Off

Review and approve time off requests with a few easy clicks

Set Notifications

Set notifications and alerts to announce rule changes, holidays, and even time off reminders

Employee Attendance

Keep track of employee attendance including hours worked, breaks, overtime and more

Paid Time Off Summary

Summarize essential data for payroll with time off summary feature

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Engage and Communicate!

Keep your employees engaged and up to date with the latest company news and information.

Online Onboarding Documents

It's a smart solution!

Upload, deliver, complete, and maintain digital onboarding documents.

No Paperwork

Customizable and trackable employment documents, all online and paper free

E-Sign Documents

Delivery, completion and collection of onboarding documents through the digital signature feature

Track I-9 and W-4 Forms

Keeping track and verifying I-9 and W-4 forms with valid signatures

Protect Important Data

Protection of important data with a secure and controlled system

Centralize Document Management

Centralization of your document management processes

Save Work Space, Time, and Paper

Saving work space, time, and paper through the onboarding documents library

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